The media landscape, the new technology and marketing

Julia Fernlöf, Robin Ström

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About the webinar
The technology behind today's digital and social marketing has changed rapidly. We are facing a changing time where, among other things, the cookie death takes place. This at the same time as the possibilities of tracking our digital footprints have changed a lot and where the importance of a more long-term strategy is necessary.


Date and time:

December 15, 2022 9:00




During this free webinar, we will talk about:

  • How has the digital marketing landscape changed during the recent years and what have shaped the development?
  • The digital privacy is highly respected today. What do we do when the tracking possibilities decrease and what does that require of the future advertising?
  • The level of the creative complexity is increasing, why do you need a content strategy?
  • Trend scouting for 2023. Which channels, techniques and strategies should you be aware of?

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The speakers

Julia Fernlöf and Robin Ström have both many years of experience in digital marketing strategies. They have broad competence in content and work daily with marketing on social and digital channels. Together, they will talk about the technical change in the digital advertising market, walk us through relevant metrics, give recommendations on current channels and talk about the importance of using relevant content to continue to get advantageous results in advertising.