The guide to a successful employee journey - Preboarding and onboarding with Induction

Anne Margrehte Mannerfelt, Lisa Fribert and Janina Fransson

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About the webinar
How do you communicate with your future employees during the period from signed contract to the employees first period with you as an employer? In this free webinar, we talk about the importance of preboarding and onboarding with Induction, a company that is experts in the subject.


Date and time:

May 19, 2022 9:00




This is the third part of our webinar series The guide to a successful employee journey and in this part, we will talk about how to give new employees the best possible start to the internal employee journey. We will also highlight the the importance of both practical and cultural onboarding and show how your employer brand is reflected through your preboarding and onboarding.

The speakers

In this webinar, we will be accompanied by Induction, a company that is specialized on creating successful preboaring and onboarding.