Internal employer branding – extra important during challenging times

Tina Männik, Anne Margrethe Mannerfelt

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About the webinar
One of the most important things for a strong employer brand is to have a solid internal anchoring. If you do not have your current employees on board, the work with employer branding falls flat.


Date and time:

March 23, 2023 9:00




We are going through an uncertain period where many companies and organizations are forced to pull the handbrake. As reorganizations, pauses for new recruitments and potential layoffs move higher on the agenda at companies, an increased sense of uncertainty is often created internally.

In challenging times, it is natural to focus on the things that needs be solved here and now and to put out fires. At the same time, the business must move towards long-term goals and your existing employees and their commitment are needed to achieve this. When uncertain winds blow, internal commitment is most important, and that is where the need for internal employer branding work comes into its own.  

During this broadcast, we will delve into the importance of internal employer branding, both during uncertain times and under more normal circumstances. We will, among other things, discuss:  

  • Why internal employer branding increases in value during uncertain times.  
  • The key to continuing to maintain competence, competence you cannot afford to lose.  
  • The importance of continuing to encourage the development and commitment of existing employees.  
  • The value of open communication, clarity and inclusion.
  • A well-anchored EVP is a prerequisite for an internal consensus.
  • Employer branding is constantly ongoing and never a project.  

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The speakers

Tina Männik has a solid knowledge within the HR world with operational and strategic work from both the client and agency perspective. She has worked with employer branding and HR topics for the last 20 years. Anne Margrethe Mannerfelt has over 20 years of experience in supporting and educating organizations in employer branding. At KSMG she is responsible for our strategic employer branding solutions and works actively to evaluate and develop our clients.