How to secure talent and build your employer brand in a candidate driven world

Julia Fernlöf, Tina Männik

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About the webinar
The recruitment business has gone through a significant transformation during an intense and short period of time and many employers have started to realize the consequences of this shift. At the same time, we are living in a world that is transforming rapidly and because of that, employees are reluctant to change employers, and the competition for talent is increasing. How do you attract future employees, fill the vacancies and retain current employees in changing times?


Date and time:

January 31, 2023 9:00




With over a decade in the industry, KSMG House of Employer Branding have been highly engaged in the different challenges of the recruitment industry over time. Therefore, we can also state that the whole industry is now going through the biggest challenge of all times. To stay relevant and strengthen your position as an attractive employer you need to find the common thread between your recruitment process and your employer branding work. By starting there, you will be able to create a great candidate experience and a strong employer brand that benefit to both parts in the long run.

During this cost-free webinar, we will talk more about this and:

  • Why it is important to have a content strategy for employer communication?
  • The need to create a correlation between the employer brand and the recruitment process.
  • The upcoming trends of 2023. Where, when, and how to work with ongoing employer communication to stay top of mind and prevent the lack of talent.

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The speakers

Julia Fernlöf has many years of experience in digital marketing strategies. She has a broad competence in content and work daily with marketing on social and digital channels. Tina Männik has a solid knowledge within the HR world with operational and strategic work from both the client and agency perspective. She has worked with employer branding and HR topics for the last 20 years.