The guide to a successful employee journey - How do you attract your future employees as an employer?

Anne Margrethe Mannerfelt and Julia Bejnö

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About the webinar
In this free webinar, we delve into the first two stages of the employee journey. How do you as an employer attract your future employees and how do you reach them?


Date and time:

April 28, 2022 8:00




We give you advice on how to communicate with your future employees and how to best attract your candidates. In addition to this, you also get keys and tools to get started with active employer branding work.

The speakers

Anne Margrethe Mannerfelt has over 20 years of experience in supporting and educating organizations in employer branding. At KSMG she is responsible for our strategic employer branding solutions and works actively to evaluate and develop organizations' employer offerings. Julia Bejnö works in our distribution team and have a broad knowledge about content and activation on social and digital media, from content production to channels and distribution.