How concepts create value - and why it is important for employer branding

Henric Lütz, Anna Majdalani

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About the webinar
To succeed with employer branding, a strong concept is usually required. The concept serves as the main idea in an employer brand and should work to profile you as an employer in a way that distinguishes you and creates recognition. Understanding what a concept is and what it should contribute to can sometimes be difficult, which is why we invite you to this webinar.


Date and time:

April 5, 2023 9:00




In today's digital society, it is a constant challenge to capture the interest of a target group, be recognized and build new relations. Many employers fight for the same attention and to succeed, you need to stand out from the crowd, be quick to convey a feeling while also constantly working with recognition. This is where the importance of a clear, well-developed and updated concept comes into play.

During this broadcast we will talk more about this and also:  

  • How a concept creates value  
  • What a concept should contribute to  
  • How to create synergies in your overall communication concept and the work with employer branding
  • Examples of successful concepts in employer branding

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The speakers

Henric Lütz is an Art Director with many years of experience in creating creative concepts that generates value. With keen eyes for color, shape, photo, film and graphic elements, he works daily to develop strong concepts that take our customers' work to the next level. Anna Majdalani is a creative copywriter with the ability to bring life to texts. She has many years of experience working with employer branding concepts and formulating messages that contribute to strong employer offers.a