How attractive is your city and how does it affect your employer brand?

Tina Männik, Karl-Johan Hasselström, Marcus Andersson

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About the webinar
To attract and keep qualified talent, you need to know your target group. The lack of talent is greater than ever in many industries and often the skills needed are not available on your local market, which means that you must search for them on a larger area. Therefore, employers, cities and regions need to work actively to attract the right skills, both by knowing what factors the desired workforce demands and by strategically building a strong and attractive employer brand over time.


Date and time:

June 27, 2023 9:00




Talent City Index Sweden has asked 2000 Swedes aged 20-45 where they want to live and work in the future. Which regions and cities top the list as most interesting and relevant for future talent and which are at risk of losing residents going forward? On Tuesday 27 June at 09:00, we invite you to a live webinar where we present the results of this year's survey and discuss how employers, both public and private, can work proactively to promote a better supply of skills. We will, among other things, discuss: 

  • Where does the future talent, aged 20-45, want to work and live? Are they willing to move and what can employers do to secure new talent?
  • What driving forces are important for different professional groups and how can these insights be used in targeted recruitment marketing?
  • How can companies and the public sector work together to create a common attractiveness within the region that ultimately benefits both parties? 
  • Which city tops this year's list and why? 
  • How should you as an employer within the low-ranked cities think to strengthen your offer and at the same time create a positive feeling for the city you work in? 
  • How can you as an employer develop and adapt your employer offer to clarify your offer based on the results of the survey?


The Talent City Index is based on a survey conducted by Future Place Leadership, which specializes in helping places – such as cities, regions, countries, and innovation environments – become more attractive to workers, migrants, companies, and investors.

The speakers

Tina Männik works as a Strategic Client Advisor at Keeparo and has a broad knowledge within employer branding. Karl-Johan Hasselström and Marcus Andersson will represent Future Place Leadership and walk us through the results of this years Talent City Index.