The guide to a successful employee journey

Anne Margrethe Mannerfelt

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About the webinar
Did you know that as many as 42% of the Swedes surveyed in the report Microsoft Work Trend Index 2021 are considering changing jobs and that 15% will probably do so in the near future?


Date and time:

March 24, 2022 9:00




Many employers have a constant flow of employees who come and go within the organization, something that requires a thorough employee journey from start to finish. In this webinar, we provide tools for attracting and maintaining contact with a potential employee.

Our expert in the field, Anne Margrethe Mannerfelt, leads us through the employee journey's steps from potential employee to alumnus and she will also offer tips to build a strong employer brand.

The speakers

Anne Margrethe Mannerfelt has over 20 years of experience in supporting and educating organizations in employer branding. At KSMG she is responsible for our strategic employer branding solutions and works actively to evaluate and develop organizations' employer offerings.