Data-driven revolution: Making your employer branding efforts measurable

Jesper Hansson and Robin Ström

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About the webinar
Welcome to our webinar where we explore how organizations can maximize their results in employer branding and recruitment through data-driven strategies and surveys. At Keeparo, we work daily with tailoring surveys and real-time data to meet each organization's unique needs, something we will delve into during this broadcast.


Date and time:

May 27, 2024 9:00




During this hour, Keeparo's own Robin Ström, Head of Development, along with Jesper Hansson, Head of Data & Insight, will discuss innovative and concrete examples of how employers can measure their work with employer branding. By implementing new technology in their strategy and in the recruitment process, employers can quickly gain insights and opportunities to strengthen their position in the market.

Together, we will explore:

  • Current data trends in the labor market
  • Activities that provide you with a data-driven overview
  • Our top tips and insights related to online surveys
  • The importance of continuous use of data and adaptation based on various business objectives
  • Cases with examples of how to measure your employer brand from a global to a local level

You are warmly welcome to listen in!  

Date and time:

Monday 27 of May at 09:00. The broadcast lasts for approximately 60 minutes including viewer questions.  

The speakers

This webinar is hosted by Jesper Hansson, Head of Data & Insight, and Robin Ström, Head of Development, at Keeparo.