Be prepared when the market turns! Nurture your EVP in 2024

Anne Margrethe Mannerfelt and Tina Männik

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About the webinar
The job market and the external environment continue to be challenging for both employers and talents, and many of us are eagerly awaiting the turnaround. As a result of the tough conditions in the job market, working conditions have changed and focus has needed to shift. This often results in organizations being unable to maintain initiatives that require continuous work to nurture their EVP (employer value proposition).


Date and time:

April 25, 2024 9:00




In this broadcast, we discuss how to create the right conditions to be prepared for when things improve and how to maintain a strong EVP even in more challenging circumstances. By acting proactively now, we avoid falling behind when the market turns.


  • How a well-crafted EVP is a competitive advantage for your organization and contributes to long-term growth.
  • Practical strategies and tips for developing and enhancing your EVP to attract and keep talent in a tougher economic climate.
  • Methods for measuring the performance of your employer brand and ensuring it is utilized to its fullest potential.

You are warmly welcome to listen in!  

Date and time:

Thursday 25 of April at 09:00. The broadcast lasts for approximately 45 minutes including viewer questions.  

The speakers

This webinar is hosted by Anne Margrethe Mannerfelt, Head of Strategic Employer Branding, and Tina Männik, Strategic Client Advisor, at Keeparo.