Objective recruitment in employer branding

Tina Männik, Linnea Bywall

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About the webinar
Do you want to improve your recruitment process and boost your employer brand at the same time? In this webinar, we will join forces with Alva Labs to discuss the importance of having an objective approach when recruiting and how that helps to strengthen your employer brand in the long run.


Date and time:

November 8, 2022 9:00




Join us in this cost-free webinar! We will talk about the value of having a candidate centric recruitment process and discuss how that will strengthen your position as an attractive employer in a candidate driven world. By finding the common thread in your recruitment process and your employer branding work, you will be able to create a great candidate experience that benefit to both parts. 


We will talk about:

  • The perks and challenges of using assessments in your recruitment process
  • The need to create a strong recruitment process that strengthens employer branding
  • How an objective recruitment process contributes to a stronger focus on diversity and inclusion and your general company culture


Welcome to listen! 

The speakers

Tina Männik has a solid knowledge within the HR world withoperational and strategic work from both the client and agency perspective. She has worked with employer branding and HR topics for the last 20 years and have a broad experience within diversity and inclusion.

Linnea Bywall is a Lic. Psychologist and Head of People at Alva Labs. Linnea has during the last 10 years worked with organizational psychology and research-based techniques at her core, whether within recruitment or internal people and culture related work.