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The digital footprints are now decreasing

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Now we start to see effects from the iOS 14 update that will affect the advertising on Facebook and Instagram. Tracking of cookies is limited and fewer and fewer people choose to be tracked, something that will affect digital marketing in the future.

What happens when our digital footprints becomes fewer?

This means that the target group selections we make to advertise to a target group will be fewer and it can therefore also take more time to achieve the same result as previously. This applies to everyone who advertises on Facebook or Instagram.

In an article from the Internet Foundation, Dilem Güller at Bonnier News says the following" Digital advertising will not die, it just will not be as accurate."

But, there are ways to make the most of reduced data flow to maintain relevant advertising. We have so far prepared the majority of our customers and our own products to be ready.

We will closely follow the development and come back with updated benchmarks for the HR and talent market regarding communication on Facebook and Instagram."
Robin Ström, Digital Specialist at KSMG

Solutions to what iOS 14 has caused

Now the effects of iOS 14 update in Facebook AdsManager begin and through a few simple steps you can review how to secure that you have the right settings and content.

  • It will be even more important to work with good and interesting content to capture the right person in the flow.
  • Do not pause your existing campaigns.
  • It has always been important to create different custom audiences, LookALike audiences and to be able to work with retargeting using tracking but now it becomes even more important! Leverage the data already stored in your pixel as well as your existing customer information and create even more precise audiences. In other words, automated solutions will not work as effectively as before.
  • Verify your domain in just a few simple steps. The first thing you need to figure out is whether it is your agency or you who own your pixels? The owner of the pixel is the one who can verify the domain. Here you will find a very good youtube tutorial on how to verify domains.
  • Optimize your pixel and its events. Select and rank a maximum of 8 events in Events Manager. There are as many events as you can track per pixel to the maximum. These 8 events should be the most important for your company and of course vary depending on what you offer and what you think is important to you. The event you rank highest is the one that will be sent back to Facebook if a candidate or customer chooses to turn off tracking.
  • Focus even more on the ad itself! Ie. on the ad text and image or video. We have talked about it for a long time, but the content will continue to be even more important when you communicate on social media. Relevance is the key!

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