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Don’t let a hiring freeze affect your organization and ongoing business

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We’re in a period of time with increasing inflation and a continuous raise of interest rates. This causes raised costs for organizations, which in return increases the risk of a hiring freeze. When times like this appears, it’s extra important to focus on the internal commitment and engagement. If you’re united as a team, it’s easier to take on challenges and turn them to possibilities.

Invest in your employees

In challenging times, it’s natural to focus on what needs to be solved here and now and to put out potential fires. At the same time, the business must work towards the long-term goals, and your existing employees and their commitment are needed to get there. According to surveys*, one of the most important factors for high engagement amongst the employees is their opportunities for development. When you can’t recruit new talent, put some extra effort into investing in your current employees instead. Look for opportunities to development for your employees within your organization, perhaps it can be a career change between different roles or departments. You can also create forums and provide time for knowledge exchange such as internal webinars or lunches.

Build internal pride

When you’re faced with challenges, it’s especially important to be driven and innovative within the organization. That’s what brought you to where you are today and will help you accomplish your goals in the long-term. Therefore, lift your success stories and the people behind them – your amazing employees. It will build an internal pride and boost the commitment. And since your employees are your most important ambassadors, your internal activities will also strengthen your employer brand externally.

How Keeparo can help you attract and keep the best employees

At keeparo, we help organizations attract and keep committed employees by creating, shaping and communicating strong employer brands. We support you in everything from consultative advice regarding strategic employer branding initiatives to creating clear communication concepts for your offer, and then activating and distributing it to your target groups. Get in touch with us at Keeparo.

*Source: Gallup: What is employee engagement and how do you improve it?

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