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See your content as a shop window, a scroll works in exactly the same way as when you pass a shop window. In other words, the time to attract attention and interest is extremely short and requires a strong accuracy.

Clear goals

Set a clear goal with your post or ad and start there. Ask yourself the question "what is the goals of my ad?". By doing that, you can clarify your KPI's. Is it to get people to watch the video? Do you want to reach as many people as possible with your message? Or is it to get an expression of interest?

  • Think about what you want to convey! How do the messages in the ad help you reach your goal?
  • Start with "less is more" as a basic rule for images, so it becomes clear to the target group what you are communicating and why.


Today, users of social media place high demands on the type of content they consume. Therefore, it is important to adapt the messages and use genuine content as far as possible. Tell the true stories of the company! Everything from events to people being allowed to tell how they develop and work with you. It's the stories that matter.


Work with visual elements that are linked to your employer brand and you as an organization. It can for example be colors, key people, elaborate messages and phrases. It is important that the talents recognize you in the flow as they scroll past. What is unique about your employer brand? Link communication both visually and in your messages, use a unified "tone of voice".

Your story

To link to the point above - recognition - an successful Employer Branding work is about telling stories about you as an employer and about your company culture. It can e.g. be about a colleague who has succeeded with you, about the journey made internally. Let the employees be part of the narrative and act as the "proof" that the story is actually true and how it came to be. Try to break down the story over time and use it as a common thread in what you communicate.

Show your inside

Show your organization behind the scenery. It is appreciated by talents and gives an honest picture of how the company works, how your various colleagues contribute both in a professional way but also show other sides as part of your secrecy culture. Instagram and the "stories" format are great tools for showcasing everything from AWs and team activities.

The majority of everyone who applies for a new workplace today, goes to social media to find out more about the company. Having updated photos from the organization is important! So think about what your shop window should look like and show off what is important and genuine.

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