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Content that works during the crisis

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The situation we find ourselves in today puts high demands on what content we publish on social media. Followers expect companies to take the current situation into consideration and adapt their content. Companies use their channels today to communicate with users about what changes are taking place internally and externally. At the same time, they focus on contributing new ideas and ways for society to stay busy digitally during times when it is more convenient to stay at home. Do you also think about what might be appropriate to publish? Check out our tips that we have analyzed and collected below.

Show the culture of the company to highlight what is important

Employee focus has never before been as important as now on social media. Highlighting the culture of the company and being able to be yourself at the workplace are some of the points that should be addressed. Show the followers how the company handles the crisis together and how you have adapted your work. Lift employees on social media by letting them take over the channel for one day to show what an ordinary day looks like despite the circumstances. It can be a great way to invite followers to see how your employees feel about the company, while also showing how you protect and care for your employees.

Use interactive content to create more engagement

It has always been important to give followers added value and create a dialogue, even more now. One trend that has clearly emerged in 2020 is interactive content on social media. Interactive content works better than regular content because it is more engaging. Followers are encouraged to interact with the company to share their point of view. How can you take advantage of it?

Use Instagram Stories to interact with your followers and see what they have in mind, show that you care about what they have to say. It enhances the user experience and you get to know your target audience better. Other ways to leverage interactive content are through polls, contests, and questioning times – the possibilities are endless – just use your creativity!

Motion media dominates

Another trend that was predicted to dominate in 2020 is motion media. In today’s situation, people have more time to spend by their computer, TV or phone and it becomes more important to spend it on educational content. This gives companies a great advantage if they choose to invest in motion media that inspires, entertains and helps the target group. The time has come to focus more on video formats as there has been a clear increase in video usage. If you have not previously used motion media, we recommend starting slowly but surely by using Stories, to later start publishing regular posts in video format.

Live stream on your channels

We talked about the topic interactive content therefore it is impossible to exclude live streaming. Since it has become nearly impossible to gather at a major event or meet companies in person, this function is perfect for these contexts. Tell your followers about your live stream and what they can expect to see. Use the feature to stream a webinar, product demo or organize an event at the office. The important thing is to find out what the users want to see during these times and what gives them added value. Dare to test and to make mistakes, that’s how you learn what works for your followers!

Things to keep in mind when publishing content

In addition to what has been mentioned before, it is important to include as a final part some aspects that are at least as important, if not more, to consider when publishing content today.

  • Now is not the time to sell on your social channels. It can give the wrong message that the company is taking advantage of the situation to increase sales and it can damage the brand.
  • Users might have loved ones who have been affected by the virus, so have a supportive tone and be understanding. Show that you care about your followers and that you are there for them.
  • Try not to involve any political party in the situation and avoid commenting on the recommendations made by the authorities. Sometimes it can give mixed messages and it is important to avoid not accidentally giving incorrect information.
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