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Keeparo works with the Swedish Energy Agency´s employer value proposition

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The Swedish Energy Agency is leading Sweden's transition to a sustainable energy system and is responsible for matters concerning supply and use of energy in our society. They currently have around 450 employees and are now facing an expansive phase with an increased need to profile themselves as an employer. With the need to both recruit new talent and actively work to develop and retain their current employees, The Swedish Energy Agency are making investments to define, clarify and package their offer as an employer.

Keeparo House of Employer Branding has been procured as their agency and tasked with helping the Swedish Energy Agency to frame their employer value proposition (EVP). Keeparo and the Swedish Energy Agency will, during the winter of 2022/2023, create and formulate an employer offer that will help clarify and strengthen the Swedish Energy Agency’s offer as an employer.

The employer offer will also be visualized in a concept that sets the framework for The Swedish Energy Agency’s graphic identity as an employer and is based entirely on the employees’ voices.

“In order to be competitive as an employer while at the same time succeeding with our missions and goals, we need to secure the right skills, the right conditions for all our employees and the right expectations for potential, future employees. Enlisting the help of a reliable partner that is experienced when it comes to capturing the crucial parts in such a process has been obvious for us. We look forward to the process with anticipation”, says Sara Höglin-Ottergren, HR manager.

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