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Keeparo introduces new solutions in data and automation

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Keeparo House of Employer Branding has taken a prominent position in the market as the leading comprehensive provider of employer branding solutions during recent years. Now, they are expanding their offerings in data and automation.

Using data to better understand one's environment, draw conclusions, and streamline work has long been a crucial factor to business success. However, in an increasingly fast-paced world, it's essential to stay up to date and vigilant about changes that can affect the outcome of the data one relies on. Therefore, after 13 years in the industry, Keeparo has developed TargetBuilder – a database that allows employers to see where their target audiences are and what they are actively engaging with in real-time. TargetBuilder assists employers in harnessing data to draw conclusions and gain insights that benefit their business and create an understanding of the messages the global workforce responds to. 

Daniel Wägerth, Client Manager & Data Expert at Keeparo, describes TargetBuilder: "Through TargetBuilder, we receive real-time data and can actively track what different target audiences are engaging with. In a fast-paced world, this is key to effectively communicate the right message to the right audience in a cost-effective manner. To finally be able to provide data-driven answers to why certain content works or doesn't work is not only exciting but also enriching for all parties, both internally at Keeparo and for our clients." 


In the fall of 2023, Keeparo will also launch AutoRecruit, a product that combines automated multi-advertising with tailored messages. Thanks to Keeparo's extensive experience in recruitment marketing, they can now offer a solution that meets organizations' needs to streamline their efforts in attracting the right talent without compromising precision, audience targeting, or messaging. 


Robin Ström, Head of Development at Keeparo, says, "Keeparo AutoRecruit has been developed based on our extensive industry experience and knowledge. The technology has been around for a while, but by using AutoRecruit in conjunction with TargetBuilder and our expertise, we can now offer a solution that generates high quantity while ensuring clear alignment throughout the organization without compromising on quality." 

With these launches, Keeparo broadens its business and establishes itself as a provider in the field of data and automation. Lisa Hasselström, CEO of Keeparo, comments on the establishment: "Automation is high on the agenda now, but efficient and automated processes fall flat if the messages and content are not tailored to the target audience you want to reach. In that case, the investment becomes almost futile. That's why I'm proud that we can finally help our clients automate the entire process while maintaining genuine, quality-assured, audience-tailored, and relevant content. By combining TargetBuilder and AutoRecruit, we can create a seamless cycle for our clients where data and insights contribute to improving the relevance in automated employer communication." 


On October 11th at 09:00, Keeparo will host a live launch event for TargetBuilder and AutoRecruit. Registration is free and can be done here.

For more information, please contact:

Olivia Lilja, Marketing & Communication Specialist, 070-431 30 08, olivia.lilja@keeparo.com


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