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Recruit during the summer!

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The time when most people want to change jobs is in August and September. Just in time for everyone to come back after the summer vacation and feel that they need a change in their working life. How do you stay relevant an interesting for new talent directly after the summer?

There are studies that show that some of the main reasons for changing jobs after vacations are that they feel anxious about returning to their current workplace, they want new challenges and better leadership with the immediate manager. What can you as an employer offer in your workplace that makes you attractive for new talent

Take the opportunity to show who you are

Communicate how to work with you. What can you offer as an employer. What are your values ​​and how can the person in question get an insight into what it would be like to work for you both digitally and on site. Communicating to your potential new colleagues when they are free during the summer and thinking about how they want the autumn to start means that you gain a greater awareness increase your chances of them applying to you.

We help you reach the right target group on the right platform, contact us to stay top of mind even during the summer months!

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