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Smart recruitment on Social media

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One of the keys to working smart with recruitment is to market jobs in social and digital channels with the help of targeted advertising.

Advertising on social media

What does it mean to advertise on social media and how do you get your investments back? KSMG has for over 10 years delivered successful results for our customers. It's about using the right channel to reach your target audience, segmenting and adjusting, refining and optimizing.

Smart recruitment

The key to smart recruitment is to reach the right talent cost-effectively. Social media is today the everyday of talent and our certified advertisers market your jobs in relevant social channels in order to facilitate your recruitment. We select the relevant talents for you, and then create a tailored ad that appeals to those you want to reach. We choose the campaign form based on what suits you and your needs. We optimize and follow up throughout the advertising period while you can follow the statistics in real time. Your personal advisor then presents results and follow-up is done when the ad is completed. Simple!

Optimized accurate advertising

We work actively to make your ad optimal. The design of the ad is central. Image, video and text need to appeal to the target group. A/B testing, retargeting and twin groups are part of our method to achieve the absolute best results for each unique ad and to know what attracts your target group. Goal management and experience on how to best reach relevant talent for your particular service is crucial to achieving the best results.

We help you

It is a complex process and relevant segmentation, monitoring and adjustments are required during the advertising period in order for you to get a cost-effective recruitment and find the talent you want. Contact us and we will tell you more about what we can do for you.

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