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KSMG becomes Keeparo and launches automated solution for recruitment marketing

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During 2022, KSMG launched a new graphic profile, together with a new website and the tagline House of Employer Branding. The results have been a success and when the numbers for 2022 is released, the leading full-service employer branding agency in Sweden will report an increased revenue of approximately 60%. Now, they are taking the next steps on their journey as they change brand name and launches a new, automated product for recruitment marketing.

– Getting closer to the core of what we do is the inspiration behind our new name and logotype. We want to lead the way in our industry and believe that organizations who put their people first, and work hard to keep their engagement high, make the world a better place. It’s in this spirit that we have developed our new name and symbol: Keeparo.

- Lisa Hasseltröm, CEO, Keeparo.

Keeparo®, former KSMG, was founded in Stockholm, Sweden, just over a decade ago. The idea was to establish an agency to help companies and organizations find new talent and advertise their job listings on social media. Since then, the need for new talent has become even greater and the social media landscape has grown alongside the need for strategic employer branding.

– In our House of Employer Branding, we keep people front of mind. We keep our promises. And we keep inspiring ourselves to do better. With data-driven insights helping us create innovative solutions, we’ve steadily optimized the match between talent and organizations for over a decade. Our goal is to continue to push the boundaries of human communication, building employer brands that really do the job and helping our clients attract and keep the best people.

- Lisa Hasselström, CEO, Keeparo.

With their new name and logotype, Keeparo also raises the bar within recruitment marketing as they launch Keeparo AutoRecruit, an affordable, high-volume recruitment marketing service that automates your advertising and ensures that the right message, with the right content, reaches the right candidates at the right time.

– AutoRecruit helps you leverage your own data to automate your advertising, providing targeted outreach that increases the chances of attracting the right candidates. By combining smart automation technology, AI and expert strategy, AutoRecruit provides you with valuable insights that helps you optimize your recruitment strategy and improve your chances of finding the right candidates.

- Robin Ström, Head of Development, Keeparo.

For more information, please contact:

Olivia Lilja, Marketing & Communication Specialist, 070-431 30 08, olivia.lilja@keeparo.com


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