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KSMG is officially confirmed as the first Facebook Marketing Partner in the industry

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The Swedish social media and talent solutions company KSMG continues their journey and are officially announcing their entrance as Facebook Marketing Partner with focus on advertising technology.

"This means very much to us and our clients. We passed the evaluation process and last week Facebook welcomed us onboard as Marketing Partner. We are their first partner in the Nordics focusing on talent solutions. This partnership truly proofs that we are using the best possible technique in our advertising to deliver results to our clients." says Amar Singh Founder & CEO at KSMG.

"We are challenging the way employers are working with talent strategy today. In order for our Swedish employers to continue their growth and in order for our country to stay in top of innovation we need to take the talent question seriously. If we do not use the technology and new channels to our advantage when it comes to talent strategies, we won’t succeed in recruiting the top talent we need in our companies. We have seen great marketing teams using the new technology for years when selling products online and converting customers, but companies still don’t implement that strategy in HR even though we know how dependent our businesses are on the right talent in the end” says Lisa Hasselström, COO as KSMG.

The Facebook Marketing Partnership verifies that the partner delivers high quality results with the best possible technique when converting talent from an unawareness to a final application over time. This also includes automated advertising using algorithms and AI technology in the partner solution. As a partner to Facebook you get hands-on guidance and support and you are the recommended first-choice supplier in your field of business.

KSMG is a full-service agency for talent attraction, from talent strategy to job advertising. The company is a Strategic Partner to LinkedIn, a Facebook Marketing Partner and an independent channel provider to their clients. KSMG was the first player in the fast-paced Swedish market offering social media recruiting through Facebook 9 years ago and has since then continuously expanded their business offering with various talent advisory services and advanced digital solutions. KSMG is today the leader in talent strategies through digital and social media in the market and a trusted partner of 500+ employers in the Nordic region.

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