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How to be an attractive employer as the skills shortage increases

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The current talent shortage is the highest in 16 years and three out of four employers state that they have difficulty finding the right talent. Regardless of industry, statistics show that the talent shortage has more than doubled in the last ten years, from 34% globally in 2012 to 75% in 2022.*

As an employer, it is no longer possible to rely on talent seeking out organizations on their own. At present, a much greater effort is generally required before a potential candidate considers changing employer. The precarious labor market means that employees value their secure employment more and are therefore not as motivated to apply for new job opportunities. Figures from LinkedIn speak for themselves- the number of jobs is the same as a year ago, but the number of applications has more than halved.

Smarter recruitment provides loyal employees

In order to secure the supply of talent, employers may need to evaluate their way of recruiting, it is not uncommon for employers during recruitment processes to tend to have extreme requirements profiles and stare blindly at the candidates’ previous qualifications. By investing more in long-term learning and talent training instead of skills requirements, there is much to gain in the labor market, both for employers and talent.

Tip! Become a more attractive employer

As the competition for talent increases, it also becomes more difficult to be attractive as an employer. Cutting through the noise is a challenge and it increasingly requires long-term employer branding work to prevent the lack of talent in the long run. However, there are some tricks you can use to boost your attractiveness:

1. Focus communication on talking about the importance of work-life balance!

How do you emphasize that you prioritize the health of your employees, value their well-being and offer benefits that gives your employees the opportunity to develop? One of the most important criteria for talent today is flexibility- talk about it!

2. Ensure a good relationship with your employees (and alumni)!

As important as it is to reach out to potential future candidates, it is also to nurture the relationship with current and former colleagues. These people are your most important marketing for you as an organization. The internal communication can easily be forgotten, which can risk cracks within the organization.

3. Communicate and recruit at times when fewer competitors do!

By increasing your communication and recruitment during periods when your competitors instead reduce their frequency, you increase the chance of reaching out, get a greater impact and more visibility for the same investment. For example, the summer is a period where employees usually have more time for reflection, which is a golden opportunity to succeed in attracting talent that previously may not have been receptive to your communication.

At Keeparo House of Employer Branding, we work with long-term employer branding initiatives in combination with shorter projects and marketing of job ads. We are happy to talk to you about how you can find exactly the talent you need, long-term and short-term. Do not hesitate to reach out to us at hello@keeparo.com

*Statistics from ManpowerGroup Talent Shortage survey from 2022. Read the whole survey here.

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