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KSMG becomes House of Employer Branding

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At KSMG, we believe that the world will be a better place if everyone is happy at work. Therefore, we help organizations achieve success through their engaged and passionate employees.

We find the optimal solution for every challenge, and we are driven to make things uncomplicated. With data-driven insights and innovative solutions, we’ve steadily optimized the match between talent and organizations. We continue to push the boundaries of human communication – and build employer brands that really do the job.


We are a team of strategists, creators and media experts who, through unpretentious and innovative collaborations, pave the way for development. We offer our combined specialist expertise and work with process-oriented and data-driven methods.


We are your trusted partner, committed to optimal solutions and exceptional results. We are flexible, fast, and we make things simple. With expertise and innovative thinking, we always contribute to your business goals and exceed your expectations.


With this as a basis and with the goal to be the leading House of Employer Branding that inspires and helps organizations to engage talent throughout the employee journey, we are now launching a new graphic profile and a new website that matches our House of Employer Branding.

We're here to make things work.


KSMG House of Employer Branding

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