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Job advertising on Facebook and Instagram becomes non-discriminatory

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During December, Facebook will make important changes to their platforms. Their ambition is to continue to strengthen their credibility and be included in discussions about an inclusive labor market.

These will be special ad categories

As of December 7, ads for employment, housing and credit facilities will need to be marked as a special ad category. This means that the control options for these ads are limited. It is a result of a dedicated work that Facebook does to combat discrimination on their platforms. We as advertisers will not have to create a special disclaimer for these ads, as we do for ads on social issues and policies, but only check that there is a special ad category in Ads Manager. More information about the change and examples of what types of ads are affected can be found here .

How Facebook counteracts discrimination

The purpose of the change is to counteract discrimination based on demographic factors such as gender, age, zip code and education. Because Facebook removes the ability to create audiences based on these parameters, people who fall outside the polls cannot be discriminated against. The change is a big step in the right direction towards creating an inclusive labor market.

How does it affect advertising?

Today, 95 percent of internet users in Sweden are active on social media (see Svenskarna och Internet 2021 ). Recruitment via social media is a matter of course for vacancies to reach the right candidates. Platforms like LinkedIn have already counteracted similar types of discrimination before, without it affecting the ability to reach out with ads to the right target audience. At KSMG, we do not see that the change needs to affect your advertising. But what will be extra important in the future is to work even more with data target groups, multichannel strategies and solid target group analyzes. This is something we already work with daily in our advertising strategy.

As the leading Swedish player in recruitment and employer branding in social media, KSMG can help your organization with this. Since the start in 2010, we have reached out to target groups annually, such as all engineers, IT skills and nurses. We have a lot of data on where the target groups are and their behavior. With the right strategic help, a large amount of useful data and thorough target group analyzes, we can ensure that your organization reaches your desired target groups - now in an even more inclusive way.

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