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What is employer branding?

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Employer branding is about defining and communicating who you are as an employer to current and future employees. It is a business-critical process that helps organizations set the right expectations from their employees, create internal and external commitment and ensure that the entire organization works towards the same goal.

To succeed with your ambitions and goals as a business, it is important to have committed employees with the right skills, the right conditions and the right expectations. To find the right people and to create the right expectations, it is important to be able to communicate what your offer is as an employer, this is employer branding. A consistent, distinct and well-established employer brand creates a common thread throughout the communication, from creating awareness among future employees to ensuring the commitment and loyalty of current employees.


By elevating your employer branding work to become an essential strategic tool in your organization, it will also be easier to work smart with a common thread through the employer brand, which in the long run will generate more satisfied employees, managers, owners and customers. In short, it can be said that employer branding is the key to build meaningful relationships, both internally and externally.


How we at Keeparo help organizations with their employer branding work

At Keeparo, we help organizations achieve success by creating, shaping and communicating strong employer brands. From consultative advice to help with strategic employer branding initiatives to building crystal clear communication concept for your offer and activating and distributing it to help reach your target groups.


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