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Flex with flexibility! Employee priorities in 2022

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Trust builds trust, an obsolete term that is now highly relevant as a result of the last two years of working from home. The working methods have changed in a short time and employees now show an increasingly strong desire, if not almost a requirement, for a flexible employer both in terms of workplace, working hours and working methods.

LinkedIn trend survey 2022

In their Global talent trend survey for 2022, LinkedIn presents data that shows key factors for satisfied colleagues and a fine-tuned corporate culture adapted to the needs of staff. It turns out that one of the cornerstones of satisfied colleagues is flexibility, the fact is that it is so important that it can be absolutely crucial.

“Employees want flexibility in where, when, and how they work. And they're more than willing to head out the door if their organization is not providing it. ”
LinkedIn Global Talent Trends 2022

Priorities for employees

According to the data that LinkedIn presents, the top priorities for employees are as follows. What stands out in particular is that a balanced working life now weighs heavier than, for example, financial compensation.

  1. Work-life balance (63%)
  2. Compensation and benefits (60%)
  3. Colleagues and corporate culture (40%)

While flexibility is a crucial factor, the corporate culture and colleagues also weigh heavily, which places a high demand on the employer. How do you maintain the cohesion within the organization while at the same time being expected to give freedom and flexibility to the employees? It is basically a matter of listening to the employees, being open to change and thereby also daring to examine the organization's offer.

The new normal work structure

In summary, it can be stated that the map for the new normal work structure is being redrawn. Teuila Hanson, Chief People Officer at LinkedIn, sums it up like this in LinkedIn Global Talent Trends 2022:

”Company culture is swiftly evolving, and to keep up, organizations must innovate and think progressively. We have this singular opportunity to create the culture and circumstances that will allow each employee to do their best work and to lead their best life. ”


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