Tell us about your role at Keeparo!

My role is actually two different roles! In my role as Strategic Client Advisor, I am responsible for our major client deliveries on the distribution side and works as an adivsor together with our Client Managers. In addition to this, I am also Head of Development which means that I am in charge of KSMG's products and the development of these.

What motivates you and makes your work interesting?

The most motivating thing in my role is that I get to "nerd with the experts" and work with development close to the customer. This means that I can get a clear overview of the entire supply chain and that is by far the most interesting thing about my work.  

How do you develop in your work and how does Keeparo support you in your role?

I am constantly developing at Keeparo thanks to the entrepreneurial culture which all my colleagues contribute to. Then add a close collaboration between our different business areas and you get a very developing workplace. I have never experienced a management and a boss who has supported or challenged me so much as here, it is amazing!

Describe our company culture in three words!

Fast-footed. Including. Challenging (in a good way).

Give us a fun fact about Keeparo as a workplace!

It is still very funny that we have a golden door to our office, it is a happy surprise to every new visitor!