Tell us about your story within Keeparo. When did your journey begin and how has it developed over time?

I started in 2014 as a graphic designer. Then the office was at Lilla Essingen and we were a fairly small but tight team consisting of the original founders of Keeparo, a couple of account managers and developers. Over the years, I have worked with everything from designing Facebook applications (which were very popular at the time), campaign pages, career pages and social media campaigns.

For a while, I also worked as a marketer and learned as much as I could. It was a great experience and the knowledge from that has given me an increased understanding of everything that we deliver to our customers nowadays. From strategy to the creation and distribution of content.

When the video trend exploded on social media and became an increasingly important part of the content consumed, it was a natural step in my career to also broaden my knowledge about the creation of video and animated content. So, over the years, my toolbox has really broadened, and I have grown both in my professional role and as a person. It may sound cliché to say, but at Keeparo I have really learned something new every day.

And now you are one of our Art Directors, what does that mean?

Broadly speaking, my daily work means being a driving force in our creative processes and having a holistic view of what we deliver to our customers. That we follow customers' graphic guidelines, that we can deliver content with creative height and challenge our customers in how to position themselves as an employer. In practice, this means that I work very much "hands-on" in our creative processes, where both the creation of graphics, photos, videos, campaigns and communication concepts are a common part of my everyday life. This includes everything from print to digital advertising.

Give examples of what a project can look like, from start to finish!

It really depends on the scope of the project, but if we take concept development as an example, it can look like this:

Our customer has a challenge, in this example they need a strong communicative concept that can be used both internally and externally. It must also be true, build on their culture as an organization and be distinctive. In a first step, we collect as much "data" as we can from the customer, it can be everything from internal documents, culture book, employee surveys to external marketing material and how they communicate externally.

After that, we usually have an employee workshop to verify the "data" we have collected. Do we discover differences from the employee experience than what is communicated or is it confirmed? This then becomes the basis for the communication concept and will be the part that connects the whole thing. Then we start working on the end product, through internal workshops and brain-storming sessions where both strategists, copywriters and marketers contribute in different steps. 

Finally, we present the concept to the customer, which includes everything from conceptual sketches to practical image and/or video templates.

What is the most fun thing about your job and how does it motivate you to keep developing?

It is clearly the breadth of the work, to always feel that you are developing in your role but also the colleagues, without them the former would not have meant as much. To be able to work with something that actually contributes to our customers' success.

How would you describe our corporate culture?

Transparent, developing, professional and with a great bit of humor that makes every day extra meaningful.

You have a long career within Keeparo. What motivates you to stay?

To constantly be able to contribute and develop, both personally but also to see our customers' development and success. It feels meaningful.

Give us a fun fact about Keeparo as an employer!

We coined the term "social media recruitment" for over ten years ago – it is an accepted term within the industry today and is widely used.