Tell us about your work at Keeparo - who are you and what do you work with?

I am a strategic creator with many years of experience from employer branding, change communication and digital learning. My heart beats for the creative, my brain works analytically, and I do not want to sit on the same chair for too long.

Here at Keeparo I get to use the entire register (that's why I have so many and long titles) and my role works a bit like a cycle: I am involved in developing our strategic business, which gives power to our creative solutions, which in turn creates conditions for activation. I then take the insights from the activation back to the strategy work and so continues.

What are you challenged by and what makes your work interesting?

Employer branding holds so many interesting perspectives. The relevance of everything we do depends on how well our customers succeed - with the help of the right employees. It is an exciting challenge. In our House of Employer Branding, we work with communication for all stations on the employee journey. We focus on important aspects of people's lives, such as basic needs, personality and life choices. It is a complex but exciting challenge.

Finally, communication should be simple and speak directly to our emotions. With so many perspectives to consider, it should be an impossible challenge but at Keeparo, we focus on finding insight-driven solutions that work in practice. That is also a strong driving force for me personally.

Do you feel that Keeparo supports you in your development, and in that case, in what way?

We are a growing team with experts in various fields. I feel that we all have great freedom while the leadership is clear. I think Keeparo takes advantage of my strengths and challenges them. That we have our roots in social media advertising and digital channels also contributes to a culture where nothing ever stops.

Describe our corporate culture in three words!

The words for the day are creativity, collaboration, action! Tomorrow it may be other words.

Give us a fun fact about Keeparo as a workplace!

I just said that everyone has their areas of expertise, but we also have a person who knows everything! Our People & Culture Manager Emma Bergström knows everything from video-editing and assembling office furniture to arranging imaginative parties and incredible conferences. She is a strong engine for the energy in the office.