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Keeparo Research combines heart and brain

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Do you want to know how potential candidates perceive your brand? At Keeparo, we use external surveys to provide you with that insight. We tailor these surveys to your employer value proposition and identify discrepancies between your expectations and the actual perceptions of the talents.

Using our unique method and data system, TargetBuilder, we analyze your social media performance. We map over 5 trillion data points and conduct our surveys on fresh data to understand what truly engages your target audience, both right now and over time.

With real-time measurements, you get a clear overview and can adjust your communication based on results and goals. Optimize your budget by working in the most effective channels and identify which aspects of your offer genuinely interest your target groups the most.

In this whitepaper, we delve into the benefits of TargetBuilder and why real-time data is the key to greater accuracy and success in attracting talent. Are you curious about more specific data related to your target audience? Contact us, and we will schedule a free consultation call within one working day.

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