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Safe employees secure your future as a business

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We are in the times of change and the business development in the world is at a historically fast pace. Many companies are reviewing the structure of the organization to keep up with, and have a positive impact on, the shifts. As an employee, it’s easy to feel insecure when a lot is changing around you. But at this stage, it’s only the feeling of security from the employer that can help increase the creativity. This also makes your employees dare to come up with proposed solutions that can speed up the development of your business.

An open environment provides good conditions to make an impact

The change your business is going through affects everyone who works for you. Strive to be transparent in the changes that take place. Include and involve – it increases the motivation of your employees to feel that they are important parts of the machinery. In an environment that promotes openness, it´s more welcoming to give feedback. Employees who feel safe are also more likely to share their own learnings and insights.

Don’t just say “goodbye” – say “good luck and hopefully we’ll see each other again”

When you're open with operational changes, you also give your employees greater opportunities to be able to plan their next step in their career. And if they can’t continue their development within your company, transparency and honesty is two of the things that last the longest, even in the case of layoffs. As a manager, you need to be able to have individual conversations and show appreciation for your employees’ contribution, while at the same time, help them to understand why the organization needs to make these changes. If you’re both respectful and clear, it increases the chance that the employee will leave your company with a good feeling and speak well of you in their network. If you also carry out a constructive and structured exit interview, you can capture important suggestions for improvement and signals about whether the employee wants to come back in the future.

How Keeparo can help you with your internal employer brand

At Keeparo, we help organizations attract and keep committed employees by creating, shaping, and communicating your offer as an employer. We support you in everything from consultative advice regarding strategic employer branding initiatives to creating clear communication concepts for your offer, and then activating and distributing it to your target groups. Get in touch with us at Keeparo.


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