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Future-proofing employer branding: Navigating digital trends in 2024

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With more than a decade of experience in employer branding, I have seen how quickly the field has evolved. Technological advancements, changing labor market dynamics, and shifting candidate preferences have continuously shaped talent attraction and retention strategies. With this as a background, it will be extra interesting to look ahead to try to capture some trends for the coming years. I have chosen to focus on a more comprehensive perspective in employer branding with a focus on the offer, content and activation based on some of the trends we see.

The digital era continues to reshape the landscape of employer branding and communication, it may not be anything new under the sun but AI, authenticity, personalization in activation and content are at the centre of my research. The common thread will be AI and data, yes, it's a bit tedious, but the fact is that it creates new conditions for success in shaping the offer, packaging the content and communicating it.

Digital Transformation and AI

The use of AI in recruitment and employer branding has gone from being a novelty to becoming a necessity. AI has the potential to reshape the conditions for how organizations work with employer communication. Through access to more and better data that can also be processed faster, it creates completely new opportunities for working smarter and more efficiently throughout the chain from what you offer to packaging and then how to reach your target groups.

For example, today it is possible to, based on insights linked to your activation/advertising, continuously collect information but also optimize and refine based on target audience, message and content. If you compare the difference between the past and the present, one of the biggest differences is that today we build optimization on real-time data instead of it being solely based on historical data. We go from focusing on what our target groups say they prefer, to now being able to follow and understand what gives actual results and reactions here and now.  

This means that what used to be mostly an investment in impact and conversion where you followed up on the results afterwards, has been changed to also be your own goldmine of data that enables you to adapt and optimize based on your purposes and goals. And all of this is accelerated with the development of AI.

Offering Authenticity (EVP)

It has probably never been more important that your offer is authentic. This because the availability of direct and indirect information has never been greater. Today, it is easier to get hold of information about both products and employers than it has ever been. This means that if you are not securely anchored in what your offer is and that it is something that you deliver on, it will have an impact on your brand and the ability to attract and keep employees.

The foundation will still be that you have an offer that is true, distinctive, relevant, engaging and sustainable over time. The difference is that the offer is more fragile as information has never spread faster than it does today. In other words, it has never been more important to set the right expectations and deliver on them, it has always been a success factor but today more important than ever. As there are conditions to collect and manage more data today, it also creates new conditions for adapting your offer based on its target groups in a completely different way than before.

Increased personalization of content

The importance of having good and relevant content has only increased with the flow of information and the increased competition for attention. In the past, organizations could reach out with the right message, even though the packaging may not have been the sharpest. Today, there are conditions to have a data-driven and systematic inflow of information linked to how the content is received by the target group and then, based on these insights, continue to adapt and optimize to reach out in the best way.  

What is happening in combination with larger amounts of data and faster and smarter ways of processing with the help of AI means that in the long run we will see a greater personalization of content.  

In the long run, it will be possible to offer tailored and dynamic content that directly appeals to the candidates' unique preferences and behaviours almost on an individual level. This includes everything from automated and personalized responses to inquiries to the creation of engaging job vacancies that are optimized to appear in search engines, digital channels, and on social media.

Activation (touchpoints)

The landscape of activation (communication) has also changed and will continue to be driven by the development. We are already at a stage where there are opportunities to be extremely data-driven and the opportunity to both strategically and tactically optimize efforts based on purpose and goals. What happens with the development of AI means that more data is processed with more parameters to be able to control and act on a larger amount of information to achieve the effect you want.  

Activation is also one of the keys to being able to return information linked to how offers and content are received by your target groups. This means that we see a shift where we optimize based on purpose and goals, such as awareness, and can also adapt much faster based on what works both in terms of contact surfaces, content and message.  

Activation is no longer just about generating clicks and conversions, it's also a key to collecting information to build data around what works for your target groups in terms of touchpoints, content and offer over time and, in the long run, in real time. This is already happening today and, for example, a strategic always-on creates a platform to create these synergies. It's a bit tedious, but even here we will see a huge acceleration based on the development of AI that creates new conditions where we will see a completely seamless chain from offer to content with deep personalization, almost at the individual level.


Digital Transformation and AI

Employer branding is continuously changing due to digitalization. The use of AI is becoming central, as it enables organizations to process and analyze data in depth. This represents a revolutionary change in the way employer communication is designed and optimized, where authenticity and personalization are becoming increasingly important.

Authenticity of the employer offer

It is crucial that a company's Employer Value Proposition (EVP) is genuine and credible. In a world where information is easily accessible and disseminated quickly, the consequences of an inauthentic offer become more severe. Companies and organizations need to ensure that they live up to their EVP to be able to attract and keep talent.

Increased personalization of content

The advancement of AI technology will allow for an even greater personalization of communication. This means that employers can offer tailored content that directly appeals to the individual candidate's preferences, providing a more personalized candidate experience.

The importance of content increases in an information-driven environment. Companies and organizations need to implement data-driven methods to systematically adjust and improve their content. This means that the content should not only be relevant and engaging, but also continuously adapted to the receptivity of the target audience.

Strategic activation

Activation strategies are becoming increasingly sophisticated, where data-driven insights allow us to quickly adapt and optimize communication efforts. This ranges from choosing the right communication channels to collecting and using real-time feedback to improve employer branding.

Want to know more?

Keeparo is already well on our way regarding the above points and will continue to give AI and digitization a significant part in the development of our products and services. This to create the best possible conditions for our customers to attract and keep employees in the best possible way.  

Feel free to contact us if you are curious and want to discuss the topic! Get in touch with us at Keeparo.

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