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3 tips for employers who want to attract nurses

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Nurses are a sought-after professional group in healthcare and many employers compete to attract the target group on social and digital platforms. There are several strategies that can be used to effectively reach out to and engage nurses, which in turn increases employment opportunities.

Advertise for a longer period of time

One strategy is to have the advertisement active on social and digital platforms for at least 3 weeks. As an example, a client of ours used this strategy to recruit nurses to home care, where the ad was active on Meta for 3 weeks. By combining a higher investment with a longer advertising period, the ad gained increased visibility and exposure. The advantage of reaching out to the target group several times is that it creates a greater awareness of the offer, which in turn increases the likelihood that the target group will complete the desired conversion.  

The result of this campaign exceeded expectations and resulted in 11 applications being submitted. These applications were relevant and ultimately led to 7 individuals being hired.

Advertise on multiple platforms

Using a multi-channel approach when looking for nurses has several advantages. By advertising on multiple social and digital platforms, you increase the chance of reaching a wider and more diverse audience. This may lead to more qualified and suitable candidates becoming aware of the position. Furthermore, there are more advantages:

Target group adaptation

On each platform, you have the opportunity to customize the messages to suit the specific group of nurses who are active there. For example, if you're targeting more experienced nurses on a particular platform, you can focus on career opportunities and advanced training in your ad. At the same time, you can highlight mentoring programs and support measures for newly graduated nurses on platforms where they are present.

More touchpoints and increased credibility

An additional advantage is the increased number of so-called "touchpoints". In advertising, the term "touchpoints" refers to the different occasions and places where a potential candidate comes into contact with your ad or brand message. More touchpoints lead to higher awareness and increased likelihood of response. Being visible to the target group on several platforms can also give the impression that you as a company or organization are active and engaged in your recruitment process. This can increase your credibility and attractiveness as an employer.

Highlight messages that engage

Last but not least – make sure that the messages in the ad are engaging! Keeparo has helped many companies and organizations to reach out with ads to the target group of nurses. Our data shows that the following messages engage the most:


The message that engages the most is pride. It is important for nurses that their work tasks are meaningful and that they contribute to the benefit of society. It is also important to be part of an organization that:

  • Have a clear set of values
  • Practicing openness and transparency
  • Offers quality services
  • Working together towards the same goal  
  • Elevates employees and successes.

Culture & Community

In addition to pride, we see that culture and community are important. It includes messages such as job satisfaction, work-life balance, open-mindedness and an inclusive and welcoming culture.

How Keeparo can help you attract and keep the best employees from your target group

At keeparo, we help organizations attract and keep committed employees by creating, shaping and communicating strong employer brands. We support you in everything from consultative advice regarding strategic employer branding initiatives to creating clear communication concepts for your offer, and then activating and distributing it to your target groups. Get in touch with us at Keeparo.

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