Keeparo AutoRecruit

Keeparo AutoRecruit is your partner for Smart Recruitment Marketing.

By combining sharp automation technology and expert strategy, Keeparo AutoRecruit offers an affordable, high-volume recruitment marketing service that automates your advertising and ensures that the right message, with the right content, reaches the right candidates at the right time.

Say goodbye to the hassle and inefficiency of traditional recruitment advertising methods and embrace the future with AutoRecruit - your smart recruitment marketing partner.

What can AutoRecruit do for you?

Tailor-made templates created by experts.

Market your job vacancies fast, efficient and easy.

Automate repetitive tasks and free up time.

Connect your employer brand to the job advertising.

Get data and insights from your advertising.

It works!

Increased conversion rate when using relevant data.
Up to 4 times lower cost, compared to standard.
Higher CTR when you use relevant & adapted content.

30 seconds from published job in your ATS to a marketed recruitment ad

Automated Recruitment Marketing
– easier and smarter than ever

  • Your own customized templates.
  • The Keeparo experts help you set up your templates.
  • You'll get your own dashboard where you can follow the results in real-time.
  • AutoRecruit helps you take advantage of all your data and gathers it in one place.
  • Learn which content works best for your target groups and adapt after time.
  • We guarantee that the advertising is synced with your employer brand.

We help you connect to AutoRecruit

Easy to connect, easy to use.

Our team help you connect your ATS or careerpage to AutoRecruit through an API.

This is an easy and ready to use connector that will be provided by our team of experts.

Did you know?

Content is key

Did you know that you can get up to 68% better results with relevant and engaging content within your job advertising?

Smart targeting

Did you know that you still can target job advertising? Yes it has become a lot harder, but you can get up to 62% better results with relevant targeting.

Death of 3rd-part cookies

2023 will be the last year of third party cookies, which makes it even more important to own and use your own data. AutoRecruit will do this for you.

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