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Employer branding from strategy to tactics

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In this course, we help you improve your employer branding competence in 5 steps: from strategy to action. We provide tools and insights that will make your future employer branding initiatives successful.


Course range:

A two-day course


12 900 SEK pp.

Course dates:

30 November and 5 December 2023
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The host

To maximize the impact and value of this course, you will meet different experts within each field of the course. We will give you some of the most experienced experts within their expertise and ensure that you, at the end of the course, feel enlightend and educated with expert insights to help you forward.

This course is designed for you who work with HR, communication and marketing or as a decision-maker with a focus on competence supply. During two course days, we will give you inspiration and insights in employer branding. After completing the course, you will be equipped with knowledge and tools to build your employer branding strategy, understand your target group, create sharp content, activate your employer brand and measure and follow up your work.

The course is divided into 5 different steps, everything to ensure the best possible value for our participants and provide you with the right tools that will help you create successful employer branding work in all areas.

1. Strategy & planning - Define your needs

  • How to build a people plan
  • Make a SWOT-analysis
  • Get started! 

2. Target groups - Get relevant for the right target group

  • Define & identify
  • Internal and external target groups
  • Channels & format

3. Content - How to create content from your EVP

  • What is content? 
  • Good vs. bad content
  • Examples & Tools

4. Activation - How do you stay relevant? 

  • Choosing the right channels & format
  • Communication plan
  • Right content on right platform

5. Measurement & follow-up

  • Work with relevant KPI:s
  • Measure your efforts
  • Evaluate result

About a month after finishing the course, we will also invite you to a Q/A where we talk more about how to work with the tools you have recieved during the course and how you can continue to develop your employer branding work.

This is a two day digital course that will be held on Thursday 30 November and Tuesday 5 December 2023. Each course day starts at 9:00 AM and ends at 3:00 PM, including a one hour long lunch break. For questions about the course, please contact us at hello@keeparo.com.